“A masterclass in the art of possibility.” – Fiona Luis

How Two Words Create Opportunity, Increase Creativity, and Reduce Waste

This Could… is a guide for innovators, makers, and everyone wanting to do more with what you already have.

The objects, materials, skills, and everything that shapes your world all contain the ability to do more. The secret to unlocking their extra potential is just two words: “This could…”

This Could… shows how to discover extra abilities in existing resources, and how doing so increases creativity, reduces waste, and helps build a resilient future for yourself and the environment.

The book features How to Do More with What You Have: a six-step guided journey of insights, examples and worksheets to transform the things you already have into platforms of possibility. 

The result of decades of Scott Burnham’s work with cities, organizations, and institutions around the world, “This Could…” is a handbook to create real-world solutions without consuming additional resources. 

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