A selection of excerpts from the forthcoming book This Could by Scott Burnham, showing how we can do more with limited resources.

The book is the result of his three decades of work around the world developing and delivering tools and strategies that maximize limited resources, reduce waste, leverage skills, and create opportunity.

conditional thinking

Conditional Thinking Creates Opportunity

By thinking of what something Could Be instead of what something Is, conditional thinking reveals new possibilities.

Words Matter: new descriptions lead to new opportunity.

Words Matter

Simple adjustments to the words we use can make a big difference in how we perceive opportunity.

Learning to See Opportunity

Learning to See Opportunity Everywhere

Learning to See Opportunity is about recognizing the extra abilities of assets right in front of you by becoming aware of things others fail to see.

We have to do more with what the resources we have already molded, mined, and harvested, and stop draining more from a diminishing pool. 

The best way to do this is with an entirely new language of use and utilization of what we already have. This Could is something of a Rosetta Stone in this sense, translating the old vernacular of consumption and disposal into a new language of resourceful, circular, innovative reuse and re-imagination.

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