six steps for resourceful innovation

What is Resourceful Innovation?

It is creating new solutions with the things we already have.

It is problem solving without being at the mercy of additional funds or materials.

It is a future-positive strategy for continual discovery and innovation.

Resourceful innovation is an essential component of the future. We will always have increasing needs and problems to solve, but we won’t always have increasing resources to use in doing so. Those who are able to create opportunity and solutions using what they already have will be the resilient ones with greater ability to navigate the ups and downs.

The steps outlined in this book will give you the tools to discover opportunities others miss, to work with the flow as resources and situations change, and to unlock hidden potential from everything around you. Most important of all, they will give you the ability to unlock the hidden potential of yourself.

The steps in this guide have been expanded and revised versions of the steps that originally appeared in Scott Burnham’s book This Could. They are tailored for innovators, bootstrappers, problem solvers, and those who prefer action scenes of a movie more than plot development. So, if that sounds like you… here are the action scenes.

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