Most of us no longer create—we consume. We don’t explore the future potential of the things we already have—we discard them and buy more. We have become detached from the potential of our existing materials, objects as we continue to overflow landfills and choke the oceans with plastics.

“This Could…” shows readers how to discover the potential of existing resources and empowers them to be part of a resilient and resourceful future. 

Featuring examples collected for the first time, the book shows how, at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, those who looked at existing assets with “This Could…” in mind created urgent solutions when needs occurred more quickly than new resources could be created or obtained. 

The result of decades of Scott Burnham’s work with cities, organizations, and institutions around the world to do more with the resources they already have, “This Could…” features six steps with examples and worksheets to guide readers through a process that will increase their ability to discover opportunity and respond to limited resources, budgets, and assets with an abundance of creativity.