This Could: Creating Opportunity from Limited Resources

Examples, tools and strategies to increase resources, reduce waste, and change everything.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

The result of three decades of Scott Burnham’s work and research around the world, This Could is written to help each reader do more with what you have.

We are exhausting our natural resources. Our landfills are full, and islands of plastic waste are forming in our oceans.

People seek alternatives to wasteful consumerism, and companies are challenged to innovate while trying to do more with less.

The best way to do this is with an entirely new language of use and utilization of what we already have. This Could was created to be something of a Rosetta Stone in this sense, translating the old vernacular of consumption and disposal into a new language of resourceful, circular, innovative reuse and re-imagination.

This Could provides the strategies and tools needed for companies, cities, and individuals to create an abundance of solutions and future opportunities using the objects, assets, and materials we already have in new ways.

The book is the product of Scott Burnham’s years of research and work around the world. An extension of his hands-on work, This Could enables people to discover the potential of existing assets and utilize what we’ve already molded from chemicals, pulled from the ground, and felled from forests instead of consuming more. In short, it is a catalyst to help each reader do more with what you have.

The book will be released in late 2020.