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Melitta Coffee Filter Mask: a tale of covid resourcefulness

THIS coffee filter COULD be a mask

German filter company Melitta pivoted its production and materials to make a coffee filter mask.


Cola Life is an example of how to create opportunity.

How "This Could..." Creates Opportunity

Around the world, people, companies, and communities are discovering how to do more with the assets they already have at hand.

From the Book

conditional thinking

The Power of Conditional Thinking

Studies show that when objects are introduced with "This Could" instead of "This Is" they are 40 times more likely to be used in a new way.

How to Do More

Begin Here: Empty Your Cup

Before new opportunities can be realized, you have to let go of pre-conceived notions. There's no room for new ideas if you are full of old ones.

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"Learning to See"

As Anaïs Nin said, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” To discover all available opportunities, we need to change how we see the things around us.

About the Book

Creating Opportunity with Limited Resources

This Could enables people to discover the potential of existing assets and utilize what we already have instead of relying on and consuming more.

Why do we need to do more with what we already have?

Percentage global waste will increase by 2050

Increase since 1960 of the amount of material we throw away.

Million tons of consumer waste disposed of each year

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