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six steps for resourceful innovation


A guide for those wanting to do more with what they have.

Revised and expanded versions of the Six Steps from This Could custom tailored for innovators.

The Classic: This Could...

Create Opportunity, Increase Creativity, and Reduce Waste

How two words can create a more resourceful and resilient future for everyone.

this could by Scott Burnham

"This Could..." How Two Words Create Opportunity

“A masterclass in the art of possibility.” – Fiona Luis

Resources are limited, while the need for innovation has never been greater. "This Could..." is a guide for unlocking extra potential in what you already have to create opportunity.

Those two words have been the fulcrum point for some of the most iconic projects of our time, and can transform the way you live and your relationship with everything you already have.

Have 4 minutes? Learn more about the power of “This Could…”

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